Acoustic Pannel 3D

Acoustic 3D panels with slats offer an aesthetic and functional solution for acoustic treatment in spaces. These panels are designed with a three-dimensional surface that adds texture and depth to the walls, providing a visually appealing look.

The acoustic panel features 15 slats and has been designed with the aim of creating a special ambiance and elevating your home or office to a higher level. Thanks to its technology with natural wood coating on all three sides, it offers an elegant and high-quality finish that meets the demands of the most sophisticated projects.


Measurement: 600 x 1200 mm, Thickness: 22mm

What is the function of Acoustic Panel?

Acoustic panels serve the purpose of achieving sound absorption, with the main objective of reducing the reverberation time, which is the phenomenon popularly known as echo. By improving the acoustic comfort and reducing noise levels indoors, our panels help control the propagation and rebound of sound.

Reverberation refers to the time that sound remains in the environment after being emitted, and by decreasing this time, better acoustic quality and increased comfort in the space are achieved.

Natural Oak

Grey Oak

In addition to their distinctive appearance, the acoustic 3D panels with slats also serve an important function in sound absorption and diffusion. They are designed to reduce reverberation and control noise levels in the environment, thereby improving the acoustic quality of the room.

These panels are versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces, such as living rooms, offices, recording studios, auditoriums, and restaurants. Moreover, their installation is relatively straightforward, and they can be adapted to different designs and configurations.

In summary, the acoustic 3D panels with slats not only add an attractive decorative element to spaces but also contribute to creating a more comfortable and pleasant acoustic environment.