Easy Cover Pro Collection

The new collection Easy Cover Pro inspires with the new XL measures, adding visual depth. The last tends of betting in big measures is the great success for those who are looking for a big width and continuity in the new designs of this collection.


6,5 mm thickness

High resistance


Fire Behavior C-s2, d0

Suitable for commercial premises

Easy to cut

Can be cut with a cutter

100% Water Resistant

100% damp resistant

Product Characteristics

The result of combining innovation and patented structure allow us to present Easy Cover Pro, the wall covering with the certificated of optimum fire behavior and able to be installed in any wall, including wet areas thanks to its 100% waterproof. The fixation system on the back let be placed without the necessity of removing the old material, turning into a fast and easy installation with great results.


The size 400x800mm, available in 6 mineral designs, will provide you innovation in your home adding trend and authenticity. Create unique areas with personal touch.

522 Industrial Oxide

523 Washed Light

525 Brushed Light

526 Brushed Dark

527 Aged Grey


The mixing of the appropriate materials make of this product the best patented solution for remodeling walls, in synergy between technology and design.

  1. High Resistance PU Protective layer
  2. PVC High definition Decorative Layer
  3. Mineral fiber board
  4. Self-adhesive Techno Fix foam with holes for PU glue

Commercial use warrantly

Domestic use warrantly

Easy Cover Pro XL

1,92 sqm

6 tiles per box

Easy Cover Pro Tile

10 tiles per box

1,86 sqm

Easy Cover Pro Plank

10 planks per box

1,69 sqm


Easy Cover Pro 2019 has the 305x610mm format with a huge variety of styles and colors which allow to combine the different state-of-art designs for an innovative and stylish result.

704 Luxor Medium

*Color not available in Spain

303 Venice

*Color not available in Spain

706 Black

*Color not available in Spain

708 Color

*Color not available in Spain


Inspired by the Nordic trends we present the “Wood” collection in its format 185x915mm. The 6 colors of this collection will turn the areas into a warm and comfy atmosphere.

505 Turkey Oak

709 White Antique Oak

*Color not available in Spain

710 Grey Antique Oak

*Color not available in Spain

711 Old Racine

*Color not available in Spain


Multi-function angle Easy Cover Pro

  • Fabricated with aluminion covered with PVC
  • 100% damp resistant

Sizes: 15 x 15 x 2700 mm

End-piece angle Easy Cover Pro

  • Fabricated in aluminium covered with PVC
  • 100% Damp resistant

Size: 8 x 20 x 2000 mm

V-Line silicone

  • Construction adhesive ideal for wet surfaces
  • Extrastrong, quick drying
  • Optimal work performance

Capacity: 290 ml
Performance: 2 sqm / can
Color: Grey

V-Line Primer

  • Special primer for floors and walls in order to ensure optimal adhesion

Capacity: 850 ml
Performance: 10 sqm aprox