Living Plus HD Collection

Moving means evolve, that is the reason V-Line presents the perfect material to follow the great ideas.
Living Plus HD is a solid SPC, compact and inalterable. Its core is composed mainly by renewable raw material and respectable with the environment, which do not emit any type of toxicity. This combination adds to the product the specify robustness to be considered of one of the most stables and durable in the pavements sector allowing its application in all the projects, in commercial and residential.

Pet friendly.

The top wear layer protects the floor from pet damages as scratches or blows

Ideal for children

The floor does not emit any kind of toxic substances

100% Water resistant

100% Damp resistant

Ecofriendly materials

The different raw materials in its composition are free of formaldehydes

Faster installation

Thanks to its behaviour in temperature changes, previous acclimation to installation is not necessary

Temperature changes resistant

Designed to support the extreme temperatures of each season

Product Characteristics

SPC LIVING PLUS HD flooring is a superior product that is already revolutionizing the flooring sector due to its water-repellent character, its environmental sustainability, its high resistance to impact, traction and temperature changes. This floor provides results that exceed expectations, thanks to its improved click system, which speeds up its installation and the high density of its core, which guarantees total stability and prevents deformation. Includes at the base of each slat the insulating foam necessary for optimal installation. Therefore, it is not necessary to cover the floor with any insulating base, thus achieving less installation time and economic savings without losing any benefits.


The 7 designs in 225×1220 mm format respond to the demands of current trends in architecture, decoration and interior design, which seek a pleasant visual effect of continuity and warmth.

500 White Amber

503 Modena Oak

603 Toasted Oak

800 Nevada Oak

801 Grey Beach

802 Washed Oak


A new board concept, which includes innovation, sustainability and efficiency, is the end result of the union of the different layers, based on renewable raw materials, that make up Living Plus HD, a floor that offers superior performance.

Estructure Living Plus HD


  1. UV Coating extra-dur
  2. SPC Board
  3. EVA backing with high density PE
  4. High resistance PU protective layer
  5. PVC decorative layer

Warranty in commercial use

Warranty in domestic use

6 Tiles / box

1.64 sqm / box


Aquaprofile Core skirting board

  • Fabricated in WPC of low density
  • Covered with PVC film
  • 100% damp resistant

Sizes: 10 x 80 x 2440 mm

Multifunction Profile

  • Made in steel
  • Covered in PVC high resistance
  • Able to join surfaces at the same level
  • Avoid slopes up to 7 mm

Sizes: 40 x 900 mm

Living Plus HD stair profile

  • Fabricated in vinyl and PVC
  • Designed to be adapted perfectly to ladders rungs
  • Get the perfect finish in your stair with its incorporated click system

Thickness: 6 mm