Discover the natural beauty and solidity of PROJECT PRO!

By choosing V-Line products, you choose quality, environmental commitment and solutions adapted to your needs. We strive to offer products that not only improve your spaces, but also protect the environment that we value so much Project PRO by V-Line, the SPC designed to meet all types of projects.
Project PRO represents the definitive solution to succeed in all your decoration projects. With cutting-edge technology that does not compromise design, its core is made up of natural and renewable materials. This guarantees optimal behavior in the face of temperature changes and ensures the absence of the emission of toxic substances.

The colors in our collection have been carefully designed and selected according to the latest trends in interior design.
This allows us to meet the demands of the most demanding clients.
Project PRO finishes exhibit a high level of realism by simulating real wood thanks to its synchronized pore, offering superior technical benefits. This results in a highly impact resistant floor, perfect for any area of ​​your home or business.

Project PRO by V-Line: where nature meets innovation to bring you quality and style! The matte finishes and the synchronized pore of each slat make each project unique.

The most notable benefits


V-Line products offer complete water resistance, making them suitable for installation in bathrooms and kitchens.


Our products perform excellently against fire, with a B Fl-s1 rating due to their low flammability, ability to prevent flame spread, and limited generation of smoke and toxic gases.


The UNIQUE structure prevents the accumulation of bacteria, making it a highly hygienic and easy-to-clean flooring option.


UNIQUE provides exceptional comfort and acoustic insulation thanks to its IXPE base.


PLANK 228 x 1220 mm and 5 mm thickness

5mm thickness: 4mm SPC + 1mm IXPE

The composition of our product not only facilitates its installation through a layer of IXPE on the back, which guarantees easy placement.
In addition, the rigidity and resistance of SPC ensure an installation with long-lasting results.

820 Patagonia

821 Vienna

822 San Francisco

823 Vancouver

824 Amsterdam

825 London

827 Everest

826 Teide


1. Extra strong UV protective layer.
It provides maximum resistance to the sun’s UV rays, the colors remain stable and do not lose brightness. This top layer prevents deterioration from scratches, stains or indentations.

3. PVC decorative sheet.
The PVC top layer is the element that provides the unique design and color of each plank to this technical flooring.

5. EVA base.
It adapts to small imperfections in the subfloor, providing cushioning.

2. High strength PU protective layer.
Composed of ceramic micro-particles, it prevents wear and guarantees extremely high durability by acting as an extra protective layer.

4. SPC board.
The SPC vinyl core is characterized by being dense, 100% waterproof and guarantees perfect resistance to expansion and dilation.

5 mm thickness.
A perfect thickness, the slats
They are easy to handle and install.

9 Planks Box = 2,503 m2

Why choose V-Line products?

Water Resistant

Our products perform exceptionally well against humidity, allowing them to be installed in bathrooms and kitchens.

Easy to Clean and Mantain

Our products are resistant to scratches, impacts, moisture, and more, thanks to their protective wear layer. With proper maintenance, their lifespan will be extended. You only need to use neutral soap or a damp cloth.

Fire Resistant and Bacteria-Free

Designed to be used in any area of the home or business, our products are bacteria-free and emit no formaldehyde.

Environmental friendly

We carefully select each material that makes up our products and seek real solutions, avoiding the use of natural resources. The level of emissions of various organic compounds in our product is volatile, allowing us to achieve the highest ratings in various tests.

Easy to install

Designed for quick and simple installation, our V-LINE products feature an insulating base that, along with the click system used, reduces installation time.


Aquaprofile Core Plinth

Made of foamed PVC
Covered with a PVC film.
100% moisture resistant.

Measurements: 10 x 80 x 2440 mm

Multifunction Profile

Made of steel
Coated in high resistance PVC.
Valid to join surfaces at the same level
Bridges unevenness of up to 7 mm.

Measurements: 40 x 900 mm

Living Plus HD Stair Profile

Made of vinyl and PVC.
Designed to perfectly fit stair tread angles.
Get a perfect finish on your staircase with its built-in click system.

Thickness: 6mm