Do you imagine a beautiful and solid covering as an authentic natural surface?

In V-Line we achieve it. The V-Line Collections put together the best of the natural surfaces together with the advantages of an elite covering. The results are are fascinating products: exclusive formats, avant-garde designs, extraordinary resistance and 100% waterproof composition. V-Line is the definitive solution to any decoration project right. Last generation technology without renuncing design.

What are the highlights of Project by V-Line?

Water resistant

V-Line products are 100% water resistant, they can be installed in areas you never thought before such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Fire resistant

Shows a fire behavior highly satisfactory with a classification B-Fl-s1 due to its non-flammability, its inhibitory capacity of flame propagation and its limited production of smoke and toxic gases.

Real texture with EIR technology

Thanks to EIR (embossed in register) technology, each plank looks like and feel as real wood.

Easy maintenance and bacteria free

On its surface bacteria cannot accumulate on the floor. This makes it a very hygienic and easy to clean floor.

Plank XL 225 x 1500 mm and 6,5 mm thickness

Synchro collection real as wood 

Living Plus HD XL Synchro is a collection created for the most exclusive projects, for those who wants Incredibles results. A SPC flooring with all the features of LIVING PLUS HD collection adding an embossed in register texture plus XL format, making a unique product, real as wood.

810 Castle Oak

811 Sutton Oak

812 Oxford Oak

813 Sherwood Oak

814 Cairo Oak


1. UV Coating extra-dur.
Adds maximum resistance to UV from the sun, the color keeps stable without tarnish. This superior layer avoids the deterioration due to scratches, stains or clefts.

3. PVC decorative layer. 
The superior layer of vinyl is the designed element to give style to this technic pavement.

5. EVA backing.
Adaptable to small imperfections of the subfloor providing damping. 

2. High resistance PU protective layer.
Composed by ceramic micropearls avoids the wear and guarantees an extreme durability and acts as an extra protector layer.

4. SPC Board. 
The SPC board is characterised for being dense, 100% waterproof with the guarantee of resistance against expansion and shrinkage.

6,5 mm thickness.
The perfeci thickness, the tiles are easy to manage and install. 

Why choose V-Line products?

Water Resistant

All V-Line products are 100% dump resistant, hence they can be insLtaollredminiaprseuasmbefore unimaginable due to its high behavior to humidity as bathrooms or kitchens.

Easy to clean and mantain

The V-Line covering are resistant to scratchs, blows, mold,… thanks to its protective layer. If the mantain is the correct one, the duration will be superior; it is only necessary the use of neutral soap or damp cloth.

Fireproof and bacterial free

Desighned to be used in any indoor area or the home or comerce thanks to be products bacterial free with zero formaldehyde emissions.

Environmental friendly

We choose each one of the materials that compone our products and search for solutions avoiding the use of the natural resources.
The level of emissions of different organic compositions in our products are volatil that is why we obtained the highest qualification in the different tests.

Easy to install

Created to offer a fast and easy installation, our XCore, Living Plus HD and Project products have an insulation base which together with its click system reduce the time of installation.
Our Easy Cover Pro Wall Covering counts with a patented self adhesive installation system to allow the fast installation.


Aquaprofile Core skirting board

  • Fabricated in WPC of low density
  • Covered with PVC film
  • 100% damp resistant

Sizes: 10 x 80 x 2440 mm

Multifunction Profile

  • Made in steel
  • Covered in PVC high resistance
  • Able to join surfaces at the same level
  • Avoid slopes up to 7 mm

Sizes: 40 x 900 mm

Living Plus HD stair profile

  • Fabricated in vinyl and PVC
  • Designed to be adapted perfectly to ladders rungs
  • Get the perfect finish in your stair with its incorporated click system

Thickness: 6 mm